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Minister of Defence Appreciates University of Defence For Research and Growing Interest in Studying

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Minister of Defence Appreciates University of Defence For Research and Growing Interest in Studying

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​01/07/2022 • Minister of Defence Jana Černochová paid a visit to the University of Defence on 6 January 2022. University rector-commandant brigadier general professor Zuzana Kročová acquainted her with university leading managers, school‘s structure, current tasks and the results of the work.

At the joint working meeting with University management, Minister acquainted with the primary mission and functions of the unique military university in the Czech Republic. Meeting attendance discussed mainly the current tasks and plans for this year, which include meeting crucial requests from defence ministry, such as establishing Intelligence Studies Institute, preparations for an expert witness institute, carrying out new special courses, and work on defence research projects. Research and development are the fields in which the university achieve outstanding results. Attention aimed at the system of study and student recruitment too.

Rector-commandant general Kročová concluded the meeting saying: “University is ready to meet the requests from the Ministry of Defence or from the armed forces in all principal domains.”

Minister Černochová appreciated the university managed to make the fields of study more attractive resulting in a growth of interest in studies. She also highlighted “university brains” of whom the nation may feel proud. “They create projects that will be beneficial for our forces as well as for forces of other nations within the North Atlantic Alliance.”

Minister’s visit comprised a small exhibition of certain projects done by the University of Defence and a display of research results with direct impact on our armed forces. Such research touched for example outfit equipment, artificial intelligence military technology, new technology for radiation measuring based on modifications in blood drops, or new trends in protection against ionising radiation.

At the end of the visit, general Kročová presented the Minister of Defence a University of Defence Plaque expressing the thank for the help and support manifested during many years in the chair position of defence council under the Chamber of Deputies and now in the minister office.

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