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Winter Survival 2022 Cancelled Due To Pandemics

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Winter Survival 2022 Cancelled Due To Pandemics

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12/06/2021 • The twenty-seventh release of military winter outdoor polyathlon championship for three-member teams should take place in the Hruby Jesenik Mountains at the turn of January and February 2022. The General Staff of the Czech Armed Forces as the main host of the event has decided to cancel Winter Survival 2022. The reason is the epidemic situation in the Czeh Republic and in Europe.

Sixty soldiers were to participate in the International Winter Survival 2022 competition. Sixteen teams were to represent various elements of the Czech forces while four teams were expected to come from abroad, one for each of Austria, Belgium, Poland and Slovenia.

The preparation of the 27th release of Winter Survival required contributions from many University of Defence components. They have paid a lot of energy, time and effort believing the extreme winter competition would realise after a year pause. University of Defence management highly appreciate the work done by all staff involved. All trust that the lessons learnt during the preparation period pay back in planning Winter Survival 2024. Winter Survival will actualy take turns with the Summer Survival arranged by the Training Command - Military Academy deployed in Vyskov town.

Those who are unaware of what Winter Survival includes should learn that three-member teams race in winter mountains crossing rock wall, stream gulches, running a biathlon race, skiing downhill in time trial, administering first aid, shooting militay weapons, throwing rubber grenades for precision, sleeping two nights outdoor and completing other events that should test their mental strength or suviving outdoors. The military competition arranged every time by the University of Defence is based on the most extreme conditions possible for moving in mountains in winter.


Authors: Pavel PazderaVeronika Černá

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