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Minister Metnar Appreciates University of Defence Unique Role

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Minister Metnar Appreciates University of Defence Unique Role

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10/04/2021 • Research and development potential places this military university into a unique role within the Czech tertiary education system,” said Minister of Defence Lubomír Metnar during the visit he paid to the University of Defence on October 1, 2021. It was a good opportunity for him to get acquainted with the new arrangements in school management and particular outputs from defence research.

Lubomír Metnar was the agitator of a new platform presented last year at the University of Defence which gives a framework of cooperation in favour of defence, agreed by civilian universities’ rectors and Czech defence industry representatives. Thus, University of Defence became the motor of interconnecting academic institutions, research institutes and defence industry companies. With respect to it, University of Defence rector-commandant brigadier general Zuzana Kročová informed minister what steps the military university had made to meet the coordinator role in the matter. The first and foremost one is establishing Science and Research Office that is to transform particular requirements from defence into appropriate research projects with the involvement of other institutions. There are seven projects in life and thirteen more under preparation.

As a part of minister’s visit, University of Defence presented some projects it works on with an impact on engineering and technology development of armed forces, such as application of artificial intelligence to military usage in operation and tactical missions or in the automation of decision making processes, to research and development in personal equipment or to world-unique technology in the protection against mass destruction weapons.

Author: Viktor Sliva

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