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University of Defence Presents for Science Festival

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University of Defence Presents for Science Festival

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09/08/2021 • University of Defence has kept taking over more and more the role of a defence industry research and development centre. Therefore, it cannot miss presenting for “VedaFest”, which is the largest festival of science in popular form in the open air in the Czech Republic. It took place in the parks and paths of Vitezne Namesti and Technicka Street in Prague on 8 September 2021 offering the visitors an entertaining and playful view of all kinds of sciences.

The festival at one place presents the most interesting from the worlds of science, engineering or social science as well as of science applications to everyday life. The latter is the case of an exhibit presented by the University of Defence – quadrocopter awarded for construction at the 5th issue of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Competition held in Cairo, Egypt, in August this year because of a number of innovative solutions. Visitors also paid attention to Embention F300 unmanned aerial vehicle used for multiple purposes that features extra autonomy and reliability.

University of Defence educates military professionals in a process whose efficiency dramatically increases with simulation technology. It was represented by two devices at the Science Festival: visitors could try working as a flight simulator instructor or guiding an antiaircraft missile in Presagis system.

However, University of Defence educates experts for the armed forces in more branches than aviation or aircraft technology. Within the Ministry of Defence area, the tents showed research methods used by other branches, such as using spectrometers on tribodiagnostic instruments. “The method analyses engine or gear box oil to detect the wear condition or malfunctions, if present, in the driving system without necessary disassembly,” explained major Josef Jelinek the advantages.

The range of branches or specialisations covered by the University of Defence is wide offering a vast area to research, development and innovation activities at the only military higher education organisation in the Czech Republic.

Author: Viktor Sliva, photo: Adela Pokorna

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