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Deputy Minister Tomáš Kopečný Search in Brno For Technology Background

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Deputy Minister Tomáš Kopečný Search in Brno For Technology Background

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08/31/2021 • Artificial intelligence, robotics, space technologies, developed autonomous systems and other advanced research and development matters got into Deputy Minister for Industrial Cooperation Tomáš Kopečný’s centre of interest during his Monday, 30 August 2021, visit to the University of Defence and other Brno based universities that form the joint platform supporting Czech national defence and security.

“The excellent cooperation proved by the numerous projects involved that I report to the Minister of Defence make the University of Defence a research and development centre in defence industry that we have longed for many years,” said deputy minister to open his visit to the military school. He then appreciated University’s ability of integrating activities in the sphere, indirectly reminding the meeting of defence authorities with the public universities’ rectors and Czech defence industry representatives held at the University of Defence last year. The meeting focused on the identification of cooperation opportunities to boost Czech national security and defence.

Kopecny intended his Monday visit to learn the particular potential of each of the engaged entities and encourage them to further research activities that receive more support from defence in the terms of funds amount and manners as well as of research processes organisation and their outputs application. “I wish you unleash your fantasy towards what particular you can develop,” said deputy minister to the Department of Informatics and Cyber Operations staff only to get information of a project of that kind at the next Department of Communication Technologies, Electronic Warfare and Radiolocation. It answers the move made by the North Atlantic Alliance declaring in December 2019 SPACE its fifth operation domain. As the Czech Republic has got some ambitions in that area, the last mentioned department has involved in a research project on detecting targets of interest acting right in that area.

Deputy minister Tomáš Kopečný, accompanied by University of Defence deputy rector for research and expert activities colonel Jan Bořil, met in the afternoon the representatives of Masaryk University, CEITEC research centre, or the University of Technology. There, he acquainted himself with a brand new quantum network laboratory for the first time equipped with its own quantum infrastructure. Quantum communication is being considered absolutely secure and should apply to critical infrastructure, i.e. defence, power, bank or health industries.

Author: Viktor Sliva

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