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150 Graduates Leave University of Defence Going to Units

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150 Graduates Leave University of Defence Going to Units

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07/30/2021 • The University of Defence has made a tradition from holding the graduation parade on the last Thursdays in the months of July. In this year, the ceremony took place again in the Brno central square bridging the one-year break caused by the pandemics. Thus, the military act of graduation of the new Czech military officers opened for watching to the public, including graduates’ relatives, along with military representatives, local government officials, and dignitaries from other universities.

Helicopters flying over the lined up units coloured the square sky into national tricolour to underline the atmosphere of the ceremony opening. However, the crucial point of the Thursday ceremony was commissioning the graduates with the University of Defence sword in front of University flag. For the first time in her term in rector’s office, brigadier general Zuzana Kročová held the sword to perform the act. She dubbed the shoulder of lieutenant Natálie Hanáková, a graduate from Commander of the Engineers Units Module within the five-year Armed Forces Management and Employment degree programme under the Faculty of Military Leadership, who played the role on behalf of all military graduates. Then the latter gave a speech for all students to thank their teachers for good education and all their relatives for support during the difficult time on the way to the goal. “Before us we can now see those who have overcome all the obstacle to achieve the set goal,” said lieutenant.


Ten of the graduates received gifts for the extraordinary results, given by the Minister of Defence and presented by the First Deputy Chief of General Staff lieutenant general Jaromír Zůna. He addressed the graduates saying: “You are facing new challenges, you are going towards new opportunities. You can use the learnt knowledge and trained skills in the just starting military career both in the homeland and abroad. You are the pillar-to-be of our armed forces whose further heading and development will depend on you."


Another group of graduates received monetary reward for the exemplary study results given by rector-commandant. In her speech, she appreciated the effort paid by the graduates during the past year tackling the troubles of distance learning and a still a number of them involved in the help against epidemics or other volunteer events. “Nobody has reduced the requirements for studies or military training. You behaved your professional role of serving people of this country and successfully completed your studies. That is why you have my respect and why I am so proud of you ", emphasised general Kročová.


The parade march closed the ceremony boosted by military aircraft flyover. Graduates' caps thrown high to the sky symbolised another year of the University of Defence students leaving their school.

With the military ceremony over, the academic ones took the turns. In several turns of academic graduation, the former students took the academic oath and received the documents from academic high officials proving they had completed university degree studies.



Author: Vladimír Šidla

Photo: University Marketing office

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