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Rector Presents “Student Head 2021” Awards to Best Three Students

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Rector Presents “Student Head 2021” Awards to Best Three Students

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​07/28/2021 • Monday meeting of rector’s advisory board witnessed a ceremony at which University of Defence rector-commandant presented the “Student Head 2021” awards to those students who achieved significant success in students’ research activities. The awarded students were SFC David Sekret, student in fifth year at the Military Health Sciences Faculty, SSG Zdeněk Vyležich, who studies the fourth year at the Faculty of Military Technology, and SFC Martina Brázdová, a fifth-year student at the Faculty of Military Leadership.

Faculty of Military Health Sciences nominated its student David Sekret, who has been studying five years Military General Medicine field, for his work concerning comprehensive oncosurgical treatment. Zdeněk Vyležich received nomination for his work showing new options of current optical routes. The paper had won the first place in “Electronics, Radiolocation, Communication and Information Systems” section within the 18th Student Research Project Contest held by ty the Faculty of Military Technology and had achieved the proclamation of absolute winner among the research projects at the Faculty in the academic year 2020-2021.

The awarded for the Faculty of Military Leadership was Martina Brázdová, who designed the method of operation for the crews of 81mm mortars at multiple rounds simultaneous impact firing. The method is easily applicable to 120mm mortars that has been fielded at mechanised battalions. She also proposed steps necessary to implement the new method.

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Author: Adéla Pokorná

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