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Fortieth General Staff Course Opened

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Fortieth General Staff Course Opened

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4/9/2021 • The number of General Staff Course issues held, arranged and guaranteed by the Centre for Security and Military Strategic Studies under the University of Defence reached the round four tens. The latest issue numbered 40 opened on 6 April 2021. The Personnel Agency of the Army of the Czech Republic has nominated 45 officers affiliated to various units and facilities within as well as out of the Ministry of Defence responsibility. Similar to the previous issues, this one will take distant education form due to the current epidemic situation.

General Staff Course is a part of the lifelong learning programme intended for senior officers who are able to attend the highest command and control positions. Course syllabus completes trainees’ knowledge and improves their skills in controlling, preparing and executing national security and defence at strategic level. It also teaches them the concept of how to design, implement and control the process of building up and develop armed forces.

The Centre’s Department of Courses Management head Vojtěch Němeček opened the first common session of the 40th General Staff Course running on MS Teams application. The attendance then received a welcome address from the Centre for Security and Military Strategic Studies Director brigadier general (ret.) Bohuslav Přikryl who underlined the importance and challenges of the course wishing all trainees success in studying. Then, they met the guarantors of the subjects taught during the course, introduced themselves to the others and met the mentors and course liaison teacher. The very first subject they sat for on the same day teaches how to write technical texts followed by the presentation of final thesis topics.

Course attendance come from various Czech defence units and facilities as already mentioned, but international students are quite common, representing mostly Slovak forces. Also, many University of Defence teaching staff members have graduated from the Course, such as colonel Petr Františ, now the head of the Department of Informatics and Cyber Operations, who belongs to the team supporting the Red Bull Air Race series winner Martin Šonka. The just opened 40th General Staff Course trains lieutenant colonel Martin Hubáček, currently a vice-dean of the Faculty of Military Technology.

Author: Viktor Sliva

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