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We Cleaned Three Football Pitch Area

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We Cleaned Three Football Pitch Area

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04/06/2021 • Forest, ditches along roads, meadows or public areas in two dozens of districts in the Czech Republic were places you could meet volunteers who represented University of Defence and joined the nation-wide event “Clean Up the Czech Republic”. The main spring cleaning day was Saturday, March 27. However, volunteers have continued helping nature in the following weeks.

“Clean Up the Czech Republic” is a volunteer cleaning event that takes place throughout the Czech Republic. It aims to clean up illegally created black landfills and clutter.

University of Defence is the only one military university in the Czech Republic recruiting students from almost all regions of the country. While students formed the majority of involved volunteers, cleaning activity called by the University of Defence covered 23 districts. Students, school staff members and also the applicants spent in aggregate 171 hours cleaning and collected one and a half tons of waste from almost 18 thousand square metres.

“The village where I live gets cleaning on the event every year and thus this year could not be an exception despite the funny spring weather. Only the date had to move on 3 April,” informed University of Defence Chief Warrant Officer Milan Helekal of the weekend event at a place near Kromeriz.

Author: Viktor Sliva, photo: event participants

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