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US Medal to Colonel Bauer for Iraq Mission

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US Medal to Colonel Bauer for Iraq Mission

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03/24/2021 • Colonel Petr Hruza, University of Defence vice-rector for education and students issues, presented Joint Service Commendation Medal to Colonel Miloslav Bauer, head of Air Force Department, awarded by US party on the basis of proposal submitted by Canadian Brigadier General R.P. Delaney and USAF Colonel John Chong for contribution to Iraq mission at the turn of 2018/19.

Colonel Miloslav Bauer performed the advisor position to Iraq Ministry of Defence and the Interior at the level of Combat Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve (CJTF – OIR) headquarters supporting the allied forces fighting the Islamic State. Seventy countries engaged in the US led operation. Colonel Bauer, affiliated to the Czech task force I, was the highest ranking officer and thus played the senior national representative’s role.

“USA is the country whose defence budget sources, both home and abroad, exceed that of other nations. Working for a US led mission showed me their professional attitude to completing missions. It is clear that the mission, in some regions, places economic interests along with the military ones. A team of twelve colonels from various countries including US, some of them under my command, put on me a strong motivation,” says Miloslav Bauer with the two-year time gap. He sees the reasons of his medal proposition in the following: “Mainly they appreciated the work with the representatives of the Iraq Ministry of Defence and the Interior and a different approach, flexible, and suggestions of solutions that were non-standard for big countries such as USA, UK, France or Canada, but accepted by the US Embassy personnel responsible for logistics and Air Force.”

More lessons learnt and assessments made on the mission in Iraq, seen from Colonel Bauer’s view, will be published in the May issue of the “Listy Univerzity obrany” magazine (available in Czech only).

Author: Viktor Sliva, photo: Ivan Hlavačka and colonel Bauer's archive

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