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Scientific Board Constitutive Meeting

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Scientific Board Constitutive Meeting

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11/05/2020  • University of Defence held the first meeting of its new Scientific Board in Brno on 14 October. Board chairperson and university rector-commandant colonel Zuzana Kročová opened the meeting by handing the Letters of Appointment to the present regular members and one permanent guest.

The two first points of the Scientific Board’s meeting agenda were two lectures given within the professor proceedings. As first, colonel Zuzana Krocova presented her lecture to the Board followed by expert panel discussion. Then, the Board members unanimously balloted for the proposal of her professorship in Infectious Biology. The proposal will be passed to the Minister of Defence.

The other professor proceedings lecture to the Scientific Board members was that given by Daniel Ruzek working for Veterinary Research Institute in Brno, Czech Academy of Science Biology Centre’s Institute of Parasitology and University of South Bohemia Faculty of Science in Ceske Budejovice. The Board also accepted his presentation and decided to propose Minister of Defence that Daniel Ruzek may become professor in Medical Microbiology.

Scientific Board meeting’s agenda also covered the plans of University of Defence Faculties based in Brno to apply the National Accreditation Bureau for new degree programmes accreditation. These compose of the “Security and Defence” Master’s degree programme designed by the Faculty of Military Leadership based on Ministry of Defence request for continuation after the Bachelor’s programme. The Board approved then the applications for accreditation of new Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral degree programmes by the Faculty of Military Technology to be presented to the National Accreditation Bureau.

By Viktor Sliva, photo:Vladimír Šidla

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