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University of Defence and MLCC Cultivate Cooperation

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University of Defence and MLCC Cultivate Cooperation

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10/13/2020 • University of Defence rector-commandant colonel Zuzana Krocova and Multinational Logistic Coordination Centre director colonel Daniel Zlatnik undersigned an agreement of cooperation at the military academic grounds on 6 October 2020 as the basis for further harmonised cooperation in military logistics.

University of Defence and Multinational Logistic Coordination Centre (MLCC) launched their cooperation short after Centre foundation in 2010. The mission of the multinational military organisation reporting to the First Deputy Chief of General Staff has been building and boosting multinational logistic capabilities and providing joint solutions for Alliance member countries’ military logistic support units. MLCC’s primary goals include developing multinational interoperability, building mutual trust, coordinating logistics education, training and exercises of logistic elements, developing logistic capabilities and sharing knowledge and experience. From original five founding members the number of participants has grown to twenty now, while seven countries have their deputies to the Centre.

The cooperation between the University and the Centre gives the floor to the experts working for the University of Defence to contribute to the international courses and/or workshops held by the Centre with expert work or lectures. At the same time, academic employees get a chance participating directly in testing and verifying the processes and policies under international environment, including learning new lessons and their usage in scientific or expert work as well as in teaching. University experts have lectured for international special courses and other learning activities, such as Reception, Staging and Onward Movement (RSOM) Course, held in the University of Defence premises and abroad as requested by foreign partners. They also contributed to Capable Logistician international exercises, firstly by testing international standards for practical usage and functionality. MLCC has played a key role in supporting scientific work and research, both in terms of international projects, such as for Smart Defence or NATO Science and Technology Organization (STO), and in national projects, for example for the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic.

Issuing from the undersigned agreement, MLCC and University will cooperate cultivating education in military logistics, support and sustainability of armed forces in multinational operations. As colonel Zlatnik said: “I see the development and support of research, further progress of researchers, support for teaching students and the exchange of knowledge and experience opportunities for mutual beneficial cooperation.” MLCC will be a way for university employees of how to engage in NATO Smart Defence projects, how to attend or teach for special logistic courses, seminars or conferences. The lasting cooperation between the two entities at professional level has shown there is a high potential for further development. Thus, University of Defence turns into one of MLCC’s key partners.

Author: Vladimír Šidla

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