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President Zeman Appoints Colonel Zuzana Krocova The New University of Defence Rector

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President Zeman Appoints Colonel Zuzana Krocova The New University of Defence Rector

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08/03/2020 • Czech President Milos Zeman appointed Colonel Zuzana Krocova the new University of Defence rector in the Throne Room at Prague Castle on 29 July 2020 at the presence of the leading defence personalities headed by Minister of Defence Lubomír Metnar and Chief of General Staff General of the Army Ales Opata.

“Today is an important day for two of the Czech Army personnel. President Milos Zeman first bestowed a general rank on Colonel Pavel Lipka and then appointed Colonel Zuzana Krocova rector as the first-ever lady. Congratulations to both!” tweeted minister Metnar right after the ceremony.

The new rector appointment based on the proposal from the Minister of Defence. The proposal results from the decision made by the Academic Senate of the University of Defence in accordance with the elections that had taken place during its session 16 June 2020. Colonel Krocova, the head of the Molecular Pathology and Biology Department of the Faculty of Military Health Sciences, replaces Brigadier General Bohuslav Prikryl in the rector office. The new period begins on 1 August 2020 and lasts till 31 July 2024.

The new rector-commandant of the only one military university in the Czech Republic plans to focus mainly on school internal issues to make an open and friendly atmosphere so that the school brings up educated and proud graduates who will bring benefit to Czech armed forces. She is going to support favourite conditions for good teaching and research development by the academic staff through team work based on open communication and adhering to university ethic codex, on more independence for the Faculties and boosting Deans’ rights and responsibilities or on support given to research, development and expert work.

Colonel of General Staff doc. RNDr. Zuzana Kročová, Ph.D., graduated from physical chemistry at the Faculty of Science of today Masaryk University. In 1993, she joined the Military Medical Academy, which transformed into the Faculty of Military Health Studies under the University of Defence in 2004. She has been appointed the head of the Department of Molecular Pathology and Biology focusing on highly infectious biological agents. She completed doctoral studies in clinical immunology at the Palacky University's Medical Faculty in 2001 and her habilitation procedures in infection biology programme at the Faculty of Military Health Sciences of the University of Defence in 2013. She is the University Council’s Committee for military and police colleges and universities president. She became military professional in 2006 and completed General Staff Course in 2015.


Author: Vladimir Sidla, photo: Hana Brozkova, MoD

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