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More Than a Hundred New Graduates Leave University To Serve

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More Than a Hundred New Graduates Leave University To Serve

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31/07/2020 • “For me, all are standing here with me,” said Lieutenant Jan Hruska who impersonated all 117 graduates on 2020 from the University of Defence for the military graduation ceremony meaning his co-graduates. Due to epidemiologic counter measures the ceremony in a limited form without public audience took place inside the barracks in Sumavska Street on 30 July, instead of the Brno city central square.

The pandemic caused by the new coronavirus had a large impact on, beside the ceremony itself, the content of each speaker. Minister of Defence Lubomír Metnar presented the opening speech in which he appreciated University’s role in the fight against coronavirus. “The assistance given by the University of Defence students helped us to tackle the crisis in spring.”

The crucial point of the Thursday ceremony was commissioning the graduates with the University of Defence sword. Lieutenant Jan Hruska, a Faculty of Military Technology graduate, played the role on behalf of all. “It may sound like a cliché but it was a true honour to me,” said in low-pitched voice the extrovert who was going to control air traffic. He concluded the graduates’ address with the promise to Minister and rector: “Those standing in front of you are absolutely ready to serve their country.”

It was brigadier general Bohuslav Prikryl who held the sword that dubbed a graduate of the best ones performing the act for the last time. General Prikryl ends his second period in office and passing the position to the new person formed the other highlight of the ceremony. Minister of Defence literally took the University of Defence colours from general Prikryl’s hands and passed it to Colonel Zuzana Krocova. She will accept the position on the first day of August 2020.

A dozen more of the graduates were then awarded for their results from studies. Right after graduates’ march two fighter aircraft flew low over the garrison to salute the new friends in arms, being replaced by a hundred caps thrown to the sky by the new lieutenants, boys and girls, who just had closed a chapter of their lives.


2020-07-30 Graduation ceremony photo gallery

Author: Viktor Sliva, photo: author and René Rámiš

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