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Prime Minister Babis and Minister Metnar Thank to Faculty of Military Health Sciences Students

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Prime Minister Babis and Minister Metnar Thank to Faculty of Military Health Sciences Students

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​10/062020 • Prime Minister Andrej Babis and Minister of Defence Lubomír Metnar came to the University of Defence’s Faculty of Military Health Sciences in Hradec Kralove to see and thank military medics for their effort paid during the corona virus crisis. On the occasion they got acquainted with the education and research institution.

The University of Defence rector-commandant Brigadier General Bohuslav Prikryl and Faculty’s head Pavel Bostik welcomed the VIP guests to the University’s ground. Dean Bostik then briefed of Faculty’s activities.

Topics interesting for the Prime Minister at the meeting with the University and Faculty management included the system of military health service personnel training practiced at the military university, which is quite unusual in NATO member countries, and the options of increasing the education capacity for defence as well as for the ministries of justice or the interior, in applicable.

Thanks for support in fighting coronavirus

The most important part of the two ministers’ visit to the Faculty of Military Health Sciences consisted in a debate with those of the students who engaged in the campaign against COVID-19. “I thank all students who were helping the citizens of this country in the fight against corona virus,” stressed the Prime Minister.

Military medics had prepared for their engagement since the epidemiological crisis begun. As soon as early March, the first group of students involved in the smart quarantine project that was in its early phase, followed by others later. At the end, almost one hundred medics worked for all regional hygienic centres, mostly as hot line operators who contacted persons who had been in potential contact with an infected person.

Other students and Faculty staff reinforced the hospital in Hradec Kralove personnel, staffed the selected defence facilities and other military medical institutions.

Jointly with the Prime Minister, Minister of Defence appreciated the approach of Faculty students and staff in the anti-coronavirus mission. “With great pleasure I heard thanks from the governors and hospital directors for the help they received from defence. They spoke highly of our medics work. I appreciate the effort you paid and thank you personally for your devotion,“ said minister.

Investment in Health Care

During the discussion with students, Prime Minister mentioned he ranks health care, including military health service, investments among his priorities. “The coronavirus crisis showed us the necessity of enhancing the medical personnel education system, of boosting the motivation and social respect of medical doctors, nurses and other health care personnel,“ said Andrej Babis.

Prime Minister and Minister’s visit to the Faculty closed the ceremony of presenting gifts that will make the students dormitory environment more pleasant.

  • Faculty of Military Health Sciences is the only educational and the main research and development centre of health care within defence. It educates military medical doctors, dentists, pharmacists and military professional rescuers in degree programmes and lifelong courses. It focuses the research and development effort on epidemiology, emergency medicine, catastrophe medicine and protection against biological, chemical and nuclear threats.

Author: Vladimír Šidla, photo: author, Dita Zetochová

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