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University of Defence Students Mission Against Covid-19

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University of Defence Students Mission Against Covid-19

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27/05/2020 • The Hospital of Marianske Lazne is slightly more than a kilometre away from Bavaria Pension there. A group of 13 University of Defence first-year students walked the distance to help a facility of the most affected by the new coronavirus disease – local hospital follow-on care department. Their support deserved appreciation from first the Minister of Defence who thanked all military personnel deployed there on 20 May 2020 and a day later from University's deputy rector-commandant colonel Alois Matyzka who met the students.

"We thank you for the work you have been doing here and we thank you for representing the University of Defence and also the Army of the Czech Republic, too," said colonel Matýzka to the students lined up in front of Bavaria Pension where they had their accommodation. He also informed them that they will get some financial reward for the demanding deployment. He then asked for students' experience learnt from the hospital appointment and lessons concerning the equipment and outfit for modification, if another shift was required.

The group moved to Marianske Lazne on 10 May within "Asistence" Operation to support the local hospital. The support was requested by the regional authorities in relation to a significant rise in the number of positively detected. "They quickly understood what they were expected to do and in a couple of days everything went smoothly," evaluated hospital manager Veronika Kropfreiterová students' contribution. Private first class Tadeas Hanus added: "Of course, there are tasks that happen rarely so we faced them after a week but every time the nurses are there willing to help or give an advise." Students' work got also positive answer from the mission commander First Lieutenant Antonín Krajícek who came from the Training Command – Military Academy saying: "They are great if you consider they are first-years without any previous experience."

University of Defence students arrived to Marianske Lazne to replace the Training Command – Military Academy group in rotation. "They told us the system of work and showed the procedure of how to put on and take off the protective gear. I guess that is the most challenging phase. They also introduced us some hints discovered during their shift to make the work easier and faster," described private first class Tadeas Hanus the shift exchange. Time demanded for the described procedures is the reason why the students spent all six working hours wearing the gear continuously. "It brings some discomfort, such as hampered breathing or impossible drinking or going to toilet," completed the freshman.

Under the difficult conditions, the students completed the tasks, such as rooms disinfection, cleaning, handling and storing medical material, and moving, locomotion of and positioning the patients. It is a chain of action of many people – nurses, attendants, hospital management and subjects that follow on. Students followed the system as agreed and brought some new ideas. "They had been doing well since their arrival. They communicated with our medical staff concerning job distribution without any problem," said manager Kropfreiterová.

After students finished the shift at hospital, they devoted time to studies, along with sleeping or having a rest. "They complete the assignments from their teachers, work on their term theses, do exercises in mathematics or military history," described lieutenant Krajicek the scholar part of the deployment. At that time, the only information of what would come after their rotation known to students was a two-week quarantine period. "We will use the time for making up for the school assignments and of course for relaxing," expressed PFC Hanus his opinion before leaving Marianske Lazne.


Author: Viktor Sliva

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