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University of Defence Select Applicants for Utmost Combat Course

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University of Defence Select Applicants for Utmost Combat Course

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30/04/2020 • It was before the corona virus quarantine period that the Department of Leadership together with the Cadets Regiment and the Physical Training and Sports Centre had two-phase preparatory runs for the fourth-year Combined Arms Commander students to get ready for the selection to the most challenging Commando Course.

The Commando Course resumes the traditions of the World War II "Strike Course" arranged by Captain Josef Otisk for the Czechoslovak Mixed Brigade in the United Kingdom, which based on Commandos training. That time, two hundred and fifty-two selected Czechoslovak volunteers including sergeants Jan Kubis and Jozef Gabcik took the course in Scotland. It is now the only elite combat course specialised to small unit commanders developing their individual commanding knowledge, skills and capabilities. Training takes the forms of tactical situations and operations very similar to real fighting conditions with high psychological and physical demand. That means the training soldier must be able to control himself under the combat pressure and lead those under his command.

The first phase of selecting the applicant for the course from among the University students took place in mid-February in Brno and its vicinity. It focused on the initial tests of technical knowledge and skills in the combined arms and specific training and on their improvement in the following combination of theoretical learning and practical training. Special parts were shooting training, including such as arm handling or malfunction repair, medical and signal training. The icing on the training cake was the obstacle course to be completed at night with the weapons and particularly night walks in the Moravian Karst area completed with map orienteering.

The second phase took place in "Brezina" military are early in March. It focused on practical skills in tactical, shooting, topographic and physical training. Shooting training consisted mainly of special shooting exercises under difficult conditions, both at day and night. The tactical part practiced in details leaders' reconnaissance, enemy in contact, trap and assault topics with the cooperation of KOMANDO course instructors. The final 30-hour cohesion test of continuously competed operational mission in rough terrain closed the phase. Then, Department of Leadership staff made a psychological diagnosis and picked eight students who will apply for the Command Course in autumn.

Students who will succeed in the course application procedure and then in the proper course, will follow Sergeant First Class Filip Vilímek's footsteps. He was the first ever University students who completed the challenging course during studies.


Author: Miroslav Polach

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