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NBC Defence Institute Researchers Contribute to Anti-Coronavirus Filter Development

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NBC Defence Institute Researchers Contribute to Anti-Coronavirus Filter Development

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31/3/2020 • Researchers of the University of Defence NBC Defence Institute have engaged in a successful research project of improving the FFP3 filtering efficiency for the smallest particles, such as viruses.

The cooperation under NATO DEEP Program of the NBC Defence Institute and the Military Academy in Belgrade in research began already in 2017. It has projected in the fruitful cooperation of Czech SIGMA GROUP a.s., Lutín, and Serbian TRAYAL Corporation, Kruševac, who produce filters for protective masks of military use. Those now can help the medical personnel fighting the new coronavirus in the first line.

“We had reconsidered our cooperation from the current situation point of view, which allowed us to quite fast and efficiently answer the lack of good quality protective devices against the new coronavirus. In the very near future, Sigma Group a.s. will begin to equip the rubber protective masks made in Serbia with a new type of particle filters that comply with the most strict requirements of FFP3 class,” confirmed lieutenant colonel prof. Pavel Otřísal, a NBC Defence Institute staff member, who has contributed to the new filter development as a part of the SIGMA GROUP a.s.-led research and development project focused on high-capacity filters with nanocomposite materials.

The project completed the filters with a polymer nanomembrane filtering layer developed by “Detekce a záchyt škodlivin – RNDr. Vladimír Obšel, CSc.” Company together with “Pardam, s.r.o.”, “Sigma Research and Development Institute” and University of Defence NBC Defence Institute within a research project. “The design of the product utilises the increased efficiency of catching submicron particles by another two orders reaching the penetration coefficient value of 0.000043, which is the highest value for filters of that type that has been achieved,” said Otřísal.

The new protective sets supplied to the State Material Reserves will represent a highly efficient solution providing an effective protection to medical personnel and to those who work hard in direct contact with the really or potentially infected people.

Thus, the society will, in the incoming period, benefit from the NBC Defence Institute research output that may significantly contribute to the way out of the very difficult current epidemiologic situation. The point is how fast the production companies can activate the capacities to supply sufficient amount of the protective devices to market.

Author: Pavel Otřísal, photo: Vladimír Obšel

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