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University of Defence Health Faculty Involvement

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University of Defence Health Faculty Involvement

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23/03/2020 • University of Defence Faculty of Military Health Sciences personnel have engaged in the contemporary situation to support both the military and civilian medical capabilities. They utilise their professional abilities as the experts employed by the important education and research institution to help fighting Covid-19 spread.

Since the very beginning of the epidemiologic crisis, two Epidemiology Department's specialists has worked for the Czech Republic Main Hygienist's team as a part of the Central Crisis Staff of the Czech Republic. Students of Medical First Responders specialisation taught by the Military Health Sciences Faculty have engaged in favour of the Ministry of Defence or General Staff for preventive medical checking of people entering the buildings, as appropriate.

Students in their fifth and sixth years of study in general medicine, pharmacy or dentistry specialisations and the Medical First Responder third-years will be affiliated to the defence accredited medical facilities within their current internships. The facilities, such as the teaching hospital in Hradec Kralove and the military hospitals in Brno and Olomouc, will utilise their capacity accordingly. Thus, several students from the last years of study reported on 23 March 2020 at Hradec Kralove Teaching Hospital for ARO, urology, surgery or hygiene departments. Fourth-year students will have their special (nursery) internships at the above-mentioned facilities or at other accredited facilities at regional level. The low-number-year (1 – 3) students will engage in administration, coordination and material support, such as medical material packing and distribution) at military hospitals as well as at other military health service units.

Shortly are expected Covid-19 specialised articles by prof. RNDr. Vanda Bostikova, Ph.D., working for the Epidemiology Department of the Military Health Sciences Faculty in Hradec Kralove to be published in the Friday issue of "Téma" journal and in the special supplement to "Zdravotnictví a Medicína" journal nearest issue.



Author: Vladimír Šidla

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