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The Graduates of the UoD FMT Aviation Specialties "touched the stars"

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The Graduates of the UoD FMT Aviation Specialties "touched the stars"

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​25/09/2019 • In addition to the military parade and graduation ceremony for the successful students of the University of Defense in Brno, the Faculty of Military Technologies organizes, through the Department of Air Force, the act of handing in the badges of the aviation specialties held on the occasion of terminating their study. The ceremony took place at the Brno Observatory and Planetarium on July 25, 2019. 

The graduates of the five-year Military Technologies study program, Air Traffic Control and Military Pilot modules, received, in front of their parents and friends, the badges of specialties they will do at the Air Force units.

This important ceremony was attended by honorable guests, namely Vladimír Remek, the first Czechoslovak astronaut; Mr. Martin Šonka, former military pilot, world champion in aerobatics and Red Bull Air Race series; COL (GS) Alois Matýzka, Deputy Rector of the UoD; and COL Martin Macko, Dean of UoD FMT.

The act of great importance for graduates was the participation by COL (GS) Peter Tománek, the commander of the 21st Tactical Air Force Base, COL (GS) Rudolf Straka, Commander of the 22nd Helicopter Base Náměšť nad Oslavou, and COL (GS) Zdeněk Gabriel, commander of the 26th Air Command, Control and Surveillance Regiment Stara Boleslav, who have symbolically taken over the new lieutenants from the UoD Department of Air Force.

The beautiful and interesting space of the observatory evoked a festive atmosphere for "the new stars of the Air Force to begin their stellar career". As both Vladimír Remek and Martin Šonka have pointed out, all the beginnings are difficult and, after theoretical education, the dreamed and awaited practice comes about. However, the work will not be easy and requires maximum effort to be exerted for doing everyday duties associated with military air traffic.

After receiving the badges of their relevant aviation specialty from the hands of the first Czechoslovak astronaut, the graduates could hear his motto "Per aspera ad astra", which Mr. Remek actually fulfilled in his career. The Dean of the FMT subsequently awarded the Dean's plaque to Vladimír Remek and Martin Šonka as an appreciation for their support rendered to the FMT and cooperation with the Department of Air Force. Both of them were in the past patrons of the individual study groups. At the end of the official part of the ceremony, the students presented the honorary guests with the photos of their study groups. This was followed by informal meetings and discussions of all participants on flying, first steps at the Air Force units, and preparation for the space flight or the road to becoming the world champion in the Red Bull Air Race.

In the end, all we have to do is to wish the new Air Force officers to become future airbase commanders, world champions or even astronauts.

Author: Miloslav Bauer, Jan Bořil, photo: Pavel Pazdera

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