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Newbies Arrived at Basic Military Training

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Newbies Arrived at Basic Military Training

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2/8/2019 • The first day of the month of August is the date on which the students-to-be of the University of Defence begin their very first military training camp. More than four hundreds of young people arrived at the Training Command – Military Academy to take their basic military training course.

In less than one week after commissioning the graduates, the unique military university in the Czech Republic resumed the usual number of students. Out of the entire group of newcomers who will learn the practical and theoretical essentials of military service in the first two months, 230 have been accepted to the Faculty of Military Leadership and 142 to the neighbouring Faculty of Military Technology, both in Brno. The rest of 46 freshmen will study at the Faculty of Military Health Sciences in Hradec Kralove.

Those who will study in Brno, will enrol in new study programmes with the most prominent feature of sorting the students to specialisations right after passing the first year of studies. In addition, the Technology Faculty divides the programmes into military mechanical or electrical engineering oriented.

The Faculty of Military Technology has accepted the application filed by Lukas Adamek. "My goal is becoming military pilot" says the guy who just left the civilian secondary technical school in Pribram. He has no experience with military way of life. His opposite is Edita Bozkova, a military secondary school leaver. "I have been attracted to that since a little girl. I never wanted to just sit in an office, bored, doing the same every day. I find this job diverse, interesting", says the girl whose choice is Cyber Defence field. "My secondary school final test was in Informatics and I see a good chance in the cyber units that are established now. This is the future," thinks the girl once she went through the initial administration procedures of her military career.

Author: Viktor Sliva

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