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University of Defence 2019 Graduates Commission in Brno City Central Square

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University of Defence 2019 Graduates Commission in Brno City Central Square

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7/25/2019 • The Czech armed forces have gained another 140 fresh officers since today whose branch affiliations copy its requirements. The graduates from the Brno based Faculties commissioned on Thursday morning in the central square of Brno, the ceremony of which was attended by their families as well as the citizens and visitors of the city.

The 2019 graduates were the first who studied the continuous five-year Master's degree programme started in 2014. "University of Defence flexibly reflects the changing society and military conditions in its education process. Therefore, it is going to innovate also this Master's degree programme in the next academic year," said the deputy chief of general staff and ACR inspector major general Milan Schulc. The Director of Human Resources Management Department Jaroslav Danek represented the Ministry of Defence for the ceremony, accompanied by the representatives of other ministries, local administration and civilian universities.

Present on the podium were also the mother and sister of staff warrant officer Jiri Schams, the patron of this year graduates. Staff warrant officer Jiri Schams died in 2015 for the injuries suffered in line of duty during his deployment for ISAF mission in Afghanistan in 2008.

"Driven by the effort of getting you ready for the wars-to-come rather than for the wars-in-past, we have cooperated with the Czech military headquarters hoping that high quality of your education and military training will guarantee that the real wars never come," assessed University of Defence commandant brigadier Bohuslav Přikryl the studies curriculum. Then we went to the front of the podium to dub Lieutenant David Novak's shoulder with the university sword. He, as the best graduate of the year 2019 from the Faculty of Military Leadership, represented also his 139 mates. "Entering the University of Defence five years ago opened a whole new world to me," recalls Lieutenant Novak who achieved excellent results in this new environment. He and other excellent graduates received rewards for their studies effort, presented by the general Schulc and University of Defence rector.

The parade march closed the ceremony completed with military aircraft and helicopters flyover. Graduates' caps thrown high to the sky symbolised another year of the University of Defence students leaving their school.

This year graduates include ten pilots, half of whom will fly helicopters and the other half jet planes. This group received their pilot badges from the first Czechoslovak astronaut Vladimir Remek in the halls of the Brno observatory short before noon. The freshly graduated air traffic controllers also enjoyed the same honour. Attendance of the Red Bull Air Race world champion and University of Defence graduate Martin Sonka to both the ceremonies accentuated the exceptional feeling.

With the military ceremonies over, the academic ones take the turn. In several turns of academic graduation, the former students took the academic oath and received the documents from academic high officials proving they had completed university degree studies. 


Author: Viktor Sliva, photo: Viktor Sliva, René Rámiš, Pavel Pazdera

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