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University of Defence Awards Staff and Students

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University of Defence Awards Staff and Students

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11/7/2019 • The one and only military university in the Czech Republic used the Czech Armed Forces Day ceremony held on 28 June 2019 to award its staff and students who immensely contributed to its development or achieved notable results. The representatives also presented the Military Charity Fund the sum raised at the event arranged by the Physical Training and Sports Centre of the university.

Intro to the ceremony was dedicated to remembering the historical role of armed forces. "We, the soldiers in service for the Army of the Czech Republic, may feel proud for one rare fact. Even before establishing the independent Czechoslovak state, its armed forces appeared. It is an exceptional phenomenon in European as well as in world history," said University of Defence rector brigadier Bohuslav Prikryl.

Then, nine University of Defence staff members came forward in front of the lined units to receive the armed forces service medals from the rector. The next to award was retired lieutenant colonel Zdenek Flasar who was appreciated by the 601 special forces group commander colonel Tomas Skacel for his lasting contribution to high quality training of the personnel for the special unit. A prove of how good is the training may be seen in the long row of "jaguar" badges brought by the students sent to the extremely demanding Jungle Warfare Course held in French Guyana who have been deployed at the unit. The following three awards went to students: staff sergeant Katerina Stankova, Bc. Karla Meixnerova and corporal Zuzana Valentova for their effort paid mostly to research work. Rector presented them the Students Research Award as each of them was the best in the appropriate Faculty.

"In history, soldiers, our predecessors, were excellent in everyday service line duties. At the same time, they were able to sympathise with each other. Every time troubles occurred, in problems for themselves or their relatives, their mates united and helped," said chief chaplain colonel Jaroslav Knichal before he accepted the sum of CZK 49,439 on behalf of the Military Charity Fund raised from the sport event "Let's climb Everest and support a good thing", in which 400 students and staff members of the University of Defence relayed to cover the world highest mountain on the climbing trainer and contribute to the fund total sum.

"Retired Lieutenant General Jaroslav Kolkus made a contribution to the University of Defence." That is the final sentence of the speech summarising Jaroslav Kolkus' military career. He is leaving the position of the Centre for Security and Military Strategic Studies director and his work for defence. Therefore, the rector-commandant awarded him with the University of Defence Medal for his contribution to its development.


Author: Viktor Sliva, photo: author and René Rámiš

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