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Honorary Graveyard Commemoration

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Honorary Graveyard Commemoration

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9.5.2019 • The celebrations held by the Russian Federation today to mark the end of the World War Two include also a commemoration ceremony arranged by the Russian Consulate at the honorary graveyard of Brno Central Cemetery. Along with the war veterans and those who remember the war, the Brno City Mayor Markéta Vaňková, South Moravia Region and community organisations representatives, together with University of Defence officials laid wreath and flowers.

The participants honoured all the World War II victims out of whom tens thousands were Red Army troopers died during the liberation of Czechoslovakia. “It is still necessary to remember the causes and consequences of the Second World War, to keep in mind the five dozens millions of victims who lost their lives in the war” said mayor Markéta Vaňková in her address. A minute’s silence concluded the ceremony.


Author: Viktor Sliva

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