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12/4/2019 • The only military university in the Czech Republic have resumed a project that aims at rising new candidates from among the university students who would get interested in blood donation and entering the bone marrow register. The project renewed after five years should bring more hope in curing the seriously ill people and save human lives with the donated blood. Students received the information of the donating conditions and opportunities at the initial lecture.

"I think we have something to resume. Our cooperation with the University of Defence has always been successful. The previous project "Army give hope" introduced 69 potential bone marrow donors into the Czech national register," said doctor Simona Hohlova at her intro to the lecture. She works in a leading position for one of the largest medical facilities in the Czech Republic that runs multiple centres with a high need of transfusion sources.

"We could not cure some illnesses without voluntary blood donors, at all," reasoned doctor Hohlová the urge of adding new donors into the Brno register. Even more that applies to those who suffer from malignant diseases of marrow or nodes. Marrow transplantation is often the only chance for them to safe life.

It is time now for the University of Defence students to make their minds whether they join in the project. Those who opt for will go together to donate blood and have an oral smear necessary for choosing the potential bone marrow donors.


Author: Viktor Sliva

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