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General Staff Course 2019: World Champion Team Member Graduates

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General Staff Course 2019: World Champion Team Member Graduates

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28/3/2019 • The graduation ceremony held yesterday closed another two career courses that train the officer for service in the top management positions within the Army of the Czech Republic – 34th combined General Staff Course "Tomas Garrigue Masaryk" and 35th General Staff Course "General of the Army in memoriam Heliodor Pika". The thirty-five successful graduates completed the courses last week as they had defended their final theses, half of them with honours.

As many as seven of the graduates were the University of Defence staff members. One of the seven was lieutenant colonel of general staff Petr Františ, a member of Red Bull Air Race series champion Martin Sonka's team. Being an expert in aircraft and information technologies, he had to combine his job and world champion team's duties and the study assignments. "Studies were definitely the priority number one and anything else had to withdraw back. Fortunately, the autumn was less challenging in the race series," said lieutenant colonel Františ. He then appraised the course significance: "It gave me a chance to see the military from the outside, as a unit from the strategic point of view, to step out of my branch and have a look at the others. This is what I consider very beneficial."

The ceremony took place in the Knights Hall of the Brno New City Hall, attended along with the University of Defence representatives by the first deputy chief of general staff major general Jaromír Zuna and the Training Command – Military Academy commander brigadier Radek Hasala. University of Defence Centre for Security and Military Strategic Studies staff as the guarantor of the just completed courses were in the audience too.

The University of Defence rector-commandant brigadier Bohuslav Prikryl pointed out the newly introduced elements in the course curriculum concerning the contemporary security environment. He said: "We have adopted issues closely related to the new security challenges, such as increasing threat in cyber environment, information operations and some other aspects of the new type of armed conflict we have got used to call hybrid warfare."


Author: Viktor Sliva

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