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Logistician Students Practice International Cooperation in Foreign Country

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Logistician Students Practice International Cooperation in Foreign Country

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15/3/2019 • The University of Defence hosts the Czech part of FOURLOG 2019 international training event in this week. It is the follow-up of the parts that took place in Hungary and before in Austria beginning on 4 March. The event is designed for the students of logistics branch coming from the military schools in Austria (Austrian Armed Forces Logistics School), Hungary (National University of Public Services) and Serbia (Military Academy), along with the Czech University of Defence.

The guarantor of the event on the Czech side is the Logistics Department, belonging to the Faculty of Military Leadership. The event focuses on carrying logistic reconnaissance for a mechanised battalion’s logistics company area of deployment utilising the suitable stationary facilities in municipalities or relying solely on logistic company’s mobile equipment. The students apply appropriate methods of logistic reconnaissance output to make their own plans of unit deployment. After the recce phase, they had the practical part deploying selected elements in the training area.

The international composition of teams allow the students to learn various approaches of the participating national logistics, to communicate in English, make team-based decisions or to present and defend their team outputs. They can understand the challenges of logistic operations in a foreign country without the possibility of using their own stationary facilities, can realise the consequences of language barrier when talking to local population who cannot speak any world-known language and the importance of interpreters out of local influential groups.



Author: Viktor Sliva

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