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05/11/2018 • At the University of Defense we study air traffic control and during the internship we had a chance to take a part of a two-week „Basic ATC procedure course" provided by the Simulaton centre in the Armed forces academy of gen. M.R.Štefánik which is located in Liptovský Mikuláš. Goal of this course was to expand our theoretical and mainly practical skills regarding air traffic control. 

This cooperation with Slovak academy was made possible by col. Miloslav Bauer, head of Air force department at University of Defense. At the beggining of the course we started with theory and we started to discover the differences between Czech and Slovak regulations, mainly in different organization of the airspace compared to what we were used to until now. After we completed the first lectures, we continued straight on the simulators. The simulation centre offers very realistic workplaces for training and certification purposes for all usual ATC positions – TWR, APP, PAR and ACC. Not only we had acces to modern equipment, but there were a lot of air traffic controllers and pilots figuring as instructors who were teaching us the ATC procedures. During many simulations we checked our previous theoretical and practical knowledge and learned a lot of new things about ATC, thanks to instructors and their experience from real life. While excercises were getting harder and harder and we started to feel confident controlling the traffic, we were challenged to figure out some emergency situations.

Two-week course in beatiful Slovak environment was nearly over when we recieved a certificates and some gifts. We really appreciate the opportunity to be part of this cooperation with the Slovak Simulation centre, where the instructors were very helpful and friendly. The whole course was very beneficial to us as the skills and experience we gained are unreplaceable. We will make the best of this experience not only in school, but mainly in our future career.

Author: Andrea Trávníková

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