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Bulgarian cadet for Erasmus+ spring study period by Department of Air Force and Aircraft Technology

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Bulgarian cadet for Erasmus+ spring study period by Department of Air Force and Aircraft Technology

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31/05/2018 • As an Erasmus+ student at the University of Defence, Brno I had a lifetime opportunity to study in an international environment, to acquire new skills and special knowledge. I participated in classes, focused on my further education as a cadet in Bulgaria - in particular, I studied Avionics, Air Force Tactics, Communication, etc. Thus, I could develop as a specialist in Navigation, Communication and Surveillance Systems.  I am grateful to my Czech teachers to present me, by other way, the aviation environment.

The three months of study in the Czech Republic gave me a better perspective of the way everything in the military has to be organized and developed. The ERASMUS+ program in the UNOB gave me a broader look at the modern technologies on the one hand and on the other hand at the NATO army structure as well as the behavior of NATO officers.

In addition to this, I had the opportunity to go sightseeing in the beautiful city of Brno and its surroundings. It is a cultural and historical city with breathtaking architecture. I loved the Lužánky Park where I spent most of my free time, enjoying the nature and playing Quidditch with new friends from other universities. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to visit Prague, which was the culmination of my cultural experience here in the Czech Republic.  

The ERASMUS+ program in Brno also gave me the opportunity of making new contacts in the sphere of international education. I met other students and cadets participating in the Erasmus+ program and not only did I practice my foreign language skills, but I also made new friends with whom I could exchange valuable experience and learn about the education in their countries.

My study at the University of Defence was a time well spent. It was a great step in my formation as a future officer and technical personnel in the modern NATO army and I am thrilled I chose your university as my receiving institution. The time spent in Brno gave me unforgettable memories, rewarding academic experience and wonderful moments I will look back to. I will definitely visit the city again in the future.

Author: Milen Simeonov

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