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International Military Academic Forum 2017

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International Military Academic Forum 2017

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20/6/2017 • More than ninety participants from twenty-two countries of Europe and North America have gathered for a five-day event that takes place in the hotel of the Army of the Czech Republic named Komorní Hrádek. The reason is that the Faculty of Military Leadership, University of Defence, has organized the international Military Academic Forum (iMAF), the annual meeting of the representatives of military universities and academies.

The iMAF 2017 lasts from Monday to Friday, from 19 to 23 June. It aims at discussing the ways and needs of internationalization of military universities and academies and to promote suggestions to be implemented in those institutions. This year's forum is focused on the linkage between international and quality guarantee of training and education of future officers and on the needs of international semester in curriculum.

To fulfil its goal, the iMAF agenda contains both presentations and workshops, i.e. tasks that are delivered by so called syndicates. The venue of iMAF meeting, Chateau Komorní Hrádek – literally the Castle of Royal-Chamber – is placed in Central Bohemia approximately 30 kilometres off Prague. The chateau itself was built in Renaissance style in the 16th and 17th centuries. The presentations take place in the main conference hall named Knight's Hall, the meeting room from mid-17th century decorated with multiple paintings of the members of Valdštejn Dynasty who lived at the castle from 16th to 18th century. Each syndicate, then, holds a meeting in separate rooms, all decorated in Baroque style. These are the Conference Hall, library from 18th century, the Hunter's Salon with paintings depicting the hunting scenes, and the Green Salon named after the motifs of vegetation and flora.

The auditorium includes commandants, vice-rectors, deans and vice-deans of military universities and academies, professors, lectors and specialists in internationalizations of military education both civilian and military; approximately one quarter of the participants are students-cadets of military universities and academies.

Along with the above-mentioned meetings in historical rooms of the chateau, the participants may make use of additional programme that contains two main activities, guided tour to Prague, Czech Capital, and around the marvellous Chateau Komorní Hrádek.

We wish the Forum to achieve unanimous concord in the way of projecting the internationalization and to all participants to enjoy additional programme as well as the beauty of the chateau!

The international Military Academic Forum 2017 is organized thanks to the support of "Creating international semester regarding military education needs for future officers in Europe" Erasmus+ project.

Author: Aleš Binar; photo: Stanislav Poráň

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